Thing 1


Thing 1

I originally signed up to take part last year, but life got in the way.  Since then I have moved from Oxford to London, started work as a graduate trainee librarian and started my postgrad in library and information studies at Aberystwyth…….so although life hasn’t real got much quieter, I am really keen to do !!  I think it is good to try reflective writing and I think it will be good for general career development as part of my traineeship. 

I am hoping that cpd23 will help me think more about career paths and reflect on my journey in library and information career so far and how I might want it to shape out. 

I am mostly looking forward to things 13 onwards as they will be useful to take into real life situations, in particular Thing 15 and Thing 16.  I would like to think that one day I will be confident to do a presentation, and am aware than some job interviews even request presentations, so the better I am able to make a presentation look good, the more confident I may feel and the better I might look !!   I would also really like to get a paper published, I feel it would be good to say I’ve done it and look good on my CV, it is already something I am looking into at work and hoping Thing 16 will give me some further ideas and inspiration.

I wanted to use my blog more but have not thought of things to talk about, CPD23 is a good reason to blog more and reminds me to read others blogs, it always good to know other people’s experiences and hear about their roles in the library and information world.   


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  1. Hi! I’m taking part in cpd23. I’m a graduate trainee too and will be starting an MA in library and information studies in September. I agree about the reflective writing – a good thing to do when thinking about any new tool – and I’m looking forward to hearing other people’s views on the ‘things’.

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