Thing 3


I spent quite a bit of time at the weekend deciding on my branding, and in the end I haven’t quite met my aims, but it’s been fun and interesting experimenting with backgrounds, themes and generally thinking about my ‘personal brand’ etc.

My focus has been on my Twitter account and blog.  I decided that ideally I would like my backgrounds to match for both, as Jo had suggested in the introduction to theme 3, as I think consistency is good and it makes you easily recognisable.  Whilst my name and picture are the same, the backgrounds are not.   However, my technically skills are not quite prepared for how to make them match…  I tried to upload my own picture of a pattern and whilst it worked for wordpress, but was too big for twitter and I did not know how to resize it and do not have photoshop or whatever I might need to do so.  So if nothing else, I have realised I need to work on my IT skills further!

In the meantime I browsed the themes of WordPress and found a theme I really like (and am using now) but I do not know if it’s possibly to take the background to Twitter, though I am assuming not.

In all this fiddling around I also lost my original pretty, floral background of my twitter page and, not remembering where I got it from, have replaced it with dreamcatchers.  Whilst I am a fan of dreamcatchers, I’m not sure they will be a permanent background and will try to get something more in line with my blog (which has already had positive comments on its look!).

I also performed a google search of myself, I suspected that my name was far too common for me to appear on the first couple of pages and I was right, however my cousin did appear (same middle name and surname, but not first) which was interesting!


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  1. Your Dreamcatcher background looks very like something in medieval Celtic illumination – the Book of Kells for example. I did at first wonder if you’d changed the background from dreamcatchers, as they look very stylised. I love the colours!

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