Thing 4 – current awareness


While I am aware of all of these tools I have only used a couple of them.  I’ve decided to talk about each individual and also included another current awareness tool that I think fits in nicely.  In general I think current awareness tools are great.  All of them are time savers and some are useful for sharing and getting information quickly and effectively.  


Twitter is something I am very familiar with and absolutely love!  I mainly use it to follow LIS people and in theory I only tweet about library related things, but in practice that is not the case and is sometimes just the inane!   #uklibchat is something that I think Twitter is brilliant for, such a great way to chat and debate with your peers from miles apart.  Unfortunately I have not partaken in #uklibchat as much as I would like to but often enjoy reading it back via use of the hashtag.

I think Twitter is really good for sharing information, I get to hear about news and events from other LIS people who I may not have heard about otherwise and the same can be said for event, gigs and news tweeted from organizations I follow.

We also have a twitter account at work and in that context it is a good tool for promotion (although I suppose I should view my personal account as  a promotional tool too?!) and a quick and effective way of getting information out about ourselves to a wider audience, especially if it gets retweeted by someone with a larger following.

To summarise – I think Twitter is brilliant


RSS feeds are something I have always been aware of but never really used until recently but due to the being used n my job a lot (embedded into our websites) I have realised they can be pretty useful.  However, I have been told that RSS feeds are not being used as much as they once did, so maybe I have arrived too late!


Although not mentioned as part of Thing 4, I feel it is a tool that fits in well here.  It is another tool that allows you to aggregate feeds together in one place and here is an example from my work of all the news feeds I need to scan everyday.  It really does save time!


Storify is another one that I haven’t used at all before, I can see how it is similar to netvibes, but maybe slightly prettier?  I want to spend more time exploring this one, but alas at the moment I have an essay that is eating up any spare time I have so another time!




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