Thing 6


Online networks are brilliant at both a personal and professional level.  From a professional point of view I think we are really lucky to have such networks, I’m sure I’ve met more people (albeit virtually!) and learnt more things so far than I would 30 or so years ago at this point in my career.


I really really need to sign up for this as I have been told so many times how useful it can be and what really confirmed that for me was a career talk we had in Aberystwyth the other month in which our talker believed it was almost vital to be on there (although only to connect with other professional and not friends, which of course makes sense).  A previous job I had at a legal firm insisted that staff joined LinkedIn (not me though, I was only a temp!) in order to raise the firms profile and spread word of their services.


I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but I like to keep Facebook as my personal space for friends outside of the library and information world (although of course there is a cross over), whereas twitter is a mix of the two (both library interests and others) and then LinkedIn (when I join!) would be purely professional.

Having said that I use Facebook just for personal not professional, I do ‘like’ groups such as cpd23 and do so just as another way to keep involved and up to date about goings on in the information world.


The only other social network I’m signed up with and I don’t go on it anywhere near as much as I should and would like to.  In writing this blog it reminded me that I need to subscribe to the RSS feeds available on LISNPN to solve the problem of me forgetting to visit the site and have now done so (one less the on the ever increasing ‘to do’ list!).

Visiting the site just now has reminded me how great it is.  A community specifically for information professionals to share experiences and keep up to date with events.  My goal for this year is to be more proactive and get more involved with this website so watch this space!

Although all of these networks really are brilliant there is the problem, for me anyway, of having time to keep up with them all.  As I’ve said previously, I really enjoy #uklibchat and LISNPN but rarely have the time to get properly involved, therefore feeling that I might be missing out on something…but perhaps that says more about my lack of organization skills than a genuine hectic life!



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