Thing 7 – Real-life networks


When I first started on thing 7 I thought I was only a member of CILIP but the more I’ve thought about it in making notes for the blog the more I realised I’m involved in a few groups and have actually taking a fair bit from each one.  I think cpd23 is really good for making you reflect on actually how much you do in information world outside of work and how much you actually receive in return.

So, as I mentioned, I am a member of CILIP.  Even in the past when I wasn’t a member I attended days including applying for a masters and new professionals’ day.  I found both of these events well organised and most importantly, very inspiring.  I was very new into my career when I attended these and they only encouraged me more that this is the career path I want to take.  These kind of events and career development days also serve, as Beth mentioned, as an excellent networking environment.  You meet plenty of others in the same position as you and others further down the line.  Also, as a formal organization and a paid up member you have the benefit of receiving the CILIP journals and Updates which I find useful to keep up to date on goings on outside of the health sector.

Although I am not currently a member of the CILIP special Health Libraries Group (HLG) I have won a student place at their conference this year (which I am extremely happy about and very much looking forward to) so I think from there I will learn more about this group and maybe look to becoming a member.

Although I’m not an individual member, my organization is a member of CHILL – Independent Health Libraries in London.  This is a non-profit making group for all health-related providers in the London area.  I attend their meetings on behalf of my work and at the meetings members get opportunities to update other members on what’s happening in their organization, any problems arising and how other members of CHILL may be able to help on this.  There are also annual social events and training opportunities.   This again is another opportunity to network with others like you.  Each meeting is hosted in a different place by a different member of the group which gives an excellent opportunity to have a snoop around other libraries – I particularly enjoyed the meeting I attended at the Wellcome centre – a lovely library!    As it’s a relatively small group there is plenty of opportunity to feedback and discuss what you would like from the group and other things the group could be doing.

Finally, LISNPN.  I have discussed this in my previous post of Thing 6, but again just to say that I think it is a brilliant network and, if I had more time, would find it even more useful.  Sharing experiences is always good for professional development and, of course, the occasional meet up for a drink or two is always good fun 🙂




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