Thing 8 and 9


Well actually…’s only a brief stop at thing  8 – I don’t have a desire for Google calendar, not because I think it’s rubbish, but more because, quite simply, it’s wasted on me.  I already have Outlook at work, which I can access anywhere through my work’s cloud system and a calendar on my phone. Calendars are all very well for being organised but my problem (and the reason therefore why Google calendar/any calendar if wasted on me) is remembering to enter things on the calendar in the first place! Unfortunately I don’t think google calendar can help me out with this …yet!

Thing 9

Evernote is something I’ve never used before, or any of the variations such as Onenote.  I wondered if I would have any use for it, but now I’ve installed it and played around with it a bit I bloody love it!

I guess the main appeal is being able to access your notes/account anywhere.  Web clipper is particularly brilliant for me as I often find web pages or articles that are relevant to my work/studies or of general interest that I need to remember to look at later.  Previously I copied these into an email which sent to myself.  The only problem with this is that they often get drowned out by other emails.  I have tried using my delicious account as a solution, but I often forget my password and feel that that account is something I should maybe only use for relevant library/information things.

So I am a full convert and shall frequently be using my Evernote account from now on!


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