Thing 15 Attending, presenting and organising events



I enjoy attending conference, seminar, one day courses etc.  I find I always come away feeling re-motivated and re-inspired having learnt something new and having had the opportunity to network with others in my sector. I have been able to take away something from most events I have attended.  I have only had to pay money for  one day course I went to (well, my job paid for it actually, and it was under £100) but normally, as I currently work for a charity and am by no means rich, I will only attend events that are free or I have won a bursary for.

Every time I go to an event my first and only worry is that I wont know anyone there and I wont make any friends and will spend all my time alone!  In all the events I have attended this has NEVER happened, yet I still worry about it.  Of course, most other people are at these conferences/courses/seminars alone too and talking to each comes as part of the natural course of the events, obviously discussing your opinions on the event you are at is a natural starting point.  And, use people you know on social media, is anyone on their going, perhaps you could meet them ”real life’ at the event, it has worked for me before and made me feel more relaxed about going to events.



Presenting to people is something I fear, but I also know it is something I need to face.  I know some employers request at presentation at interviews so it would be useful to feel a bit more confident with my presenting skills should I ever be asked to do one in the future.  For this reason I have offered to do a presentation for a CHILL social media meeting, though date hasn’t been arranged yet, just signing myself up was the first step….I can’t really back out now!  We might also be presenting a paper at work in the near future, so this should be practice again.   I’m sure experience of presenting will also look good on a CV and also, as mentioned, make people aware of you, which could be beneficial for future employments.


Though I haven’t organised a LIS event, I did organise an event for Oxjam last year.  Though in the run up to the event it was quite stressful with getting an event space, organising bands, technicians etc once it came to event I could look back and see the hard work was worth it and everyone had a great time. I have also learnt that I probably needed to be even more organised than I thought  I was  being at the time and try to think about every single thing that could happen or that I might need.  Luckily I have a great group of friends who were all willing to help me out when required!

I’m definitely up for organising an event again, but perhaps with life being quite busy at the moment, I would prefer to work as a team on something.  Although having said, it would be nice  to meet up with people from LISNPN again, so perhaps that should be top of my list of things to do!


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