Thing 17 – Prezi


Well this Thing has come along just in time.    One project for me at work is to make a guide for online resources.  I had been stuck on a good way to present it, but I think Prezi might just be the answer.

I have previously been impressed presentations I have seen at conferences that use Prezi, it certainly makes a change from the comparatively flat MSO power point.

So I have stated converting my online resources guide into Prezi.  At first I didn’t find it very intuitive and didn’t quite understand how all the tools worked so the links suggested in this thing have been really useful, particularly Ned Potter’s guide and Meg Westbury’s Prezi inspired me to use a background image.

I’ve shown my friends what I’ve done so far and they seemed very impressed – having not seen Prezi in use before.  I’ve done my best to not make it too ‘sea-sicky’ but I’m hoping that the fact it’s going to be more of a guide to read rather than a presentation will prevent this.

When I’ve completed it I’ll add a link here.


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