Thing 19 – Integrating



Some things of cpd23 I had already been using, such as Prezi, Jing etc.  Other tools I haven’t even got round to testing yet, such as Zetro and podcasting.  However, some of the tools I have already fully integrated into my life.  Those being Dropbox, Evernote and Linkedin.


After having a Dropbox account set up for me at work I have been using it ALL THE TIME!  It is so useful from the point of view that having Dropbox on my work machine and my laptop means that I can work on essays in the office and save them knowing that the latest version will be on my laptop when I get home without having to save it to a USB or email it to myself as I was doing before.  It has also been good for sharing photos and working on shared documents at work.  Really glad that this tool was brought to my attention as it has made life that tiny bit easier!


I find Evernote very useful in much the same way as I do Dropbox.  I mainly use it to ‘clip’ pages with useful articles on, recipes or attaching pdfs of journal articles or reports that I want to read at a later date.  This again means that these items will be available for me to retrieve later from either my work machine or personal laptop.  I haven’t used any of the sharing facilities yet, I’m not sure I will as I generally am using it for things of my own personal interest.


I have started to use Linkedin more than I was previously.  However, I still haven’t fully got involved with it – I’ve made a few connections now, but only with colleagues at work, I need to be more proactive in seeking other peers.  But I can see its potential and will keep remembering to check in on it and build a better profile.


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