Thing 14


I have to confess, I have still never used any sort of citation manager when doing academic work -which is absolutely ridiculous given I have been doing my masters for over a year now and therefore it would be highly beneficial for me to do so as the alternative is painstaking and prone to errors!

At work we use Reference Manager for our library content.  I mainly use it for adding content and searching for information rather than citation management in research work.  I know some people in the office use it in this way but have experienced some problems with it and therefore I have been hesitant to use it in this way.

For the purpose of this thing I decided to download Mendeley and have a go with that.

The layout looks quite similar to Endnote, which is a tool I already enjoy.  The ease of moving documents from several places onto Mendeley was really good and I particularly like that it takes all the citation information out itself.

I have downloaded it onto my work computer and for some reason it would not allow me to install the plug in on Word so I will have to try it on my home laptop.  From watching the demo videos on the website it looks pretty easy to use once it’s been installed.

I guess the true usefulness of Mendeley will not become apparent until I am using it in my work but it looks like it could save me a great deal of time and trouble.  Now all I need to do is start my next essay…great!


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