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Thing 12 Putting the social into social media


To start with, I can update from Thing 5!  I am FINALLY on Linkedin.  I have joined a couple of groups, but yet to get involved in any discussions, though I will try to soon.

I have also fiddled around with my Twitter profile and have finally changed the frankly ridiculous dreamcatcher background to a *slightly* less ridiculous one, and I like it, though one day I’d like to have matching backgrounds for twitter and wordpress accounts.

In this time I have also been trying to socialise more online, as well as at several events I have been to recently.  Twitter still remains my main networking space for other LIS professionals, mainly through getting involved with #uklibchat and tweeting at conferences, seminars and courses.  I like to get involved in conversations where possible, as well as reading through tweets of people attending events I wish I could be at – being a bit of a lurker now and again is never a bad thing!